If you are thinking about moving to Mexico get ready for the biggest adventure of your life It's an amazing place to live It's very expat-friendly easy to live here affordable and fun with all it's quirks Enjoy the culture the food and music and the kind welcoming people! Pin these 44 Things to Know About Living in Mexico as an Ikea has 11 stores all over the Netherlands and it's worth the visit if you have a spare 5 hours or so Ikea is great if you don't mind dealing with flat-pack furniture and it's very cheap Hence why it's one of the best ways of furnishing your house in the Netherlands

Moving to Frankfurt

Expats living in Frankfurt enjoy a wonderful lifestyle There are superb opportunities for shopping as well as sightseeing attractions like museums historic spots and world-class opera and theatre to enjoy Getting around in Frankfurt is easy with the city's excellent rail connections river transport and the Autobahn system Frankfurt is

Nishikawa Antiques is one of my favorite antique stores for buying beautiful dishes for special meals The shop is intimate and the sales team very knowledgeable Occasionally they have small furniture but the majority of the antiques are small decorative pieces and dishes You can view new arrival products at this link in Japanese If you

Expats Living In Singapore Guide To Top International Schools Best Furniture Stores Facials Hair Salons Things to Do In Singapore Visit https://expatliving sg to stay in-the-know for everything Singapore from latest news and tips on cool things to do in Singapore

Many expats wait until they go home to buy clothes shoes toiletries and not uncommonly furniture I have a friend who shipped a fountain from the States! But the expansion of internet shopping and international delivery is easing this problem you can have items shipped from most department stores in the US and UK (but don't forget the tax!)

Aug 30 2018WeExpats has put together a complete guide to living in Mexico It has information on: whether Mexico is safe the logistics of moving to Mexico as a tourist or resident how to find expat communities what it's like to raise a family in Mexico finding

Life In Basel

With about 180 000 residents it's the third largest city in Switzerland The city is small and easy to navigate with a rich cultural heritage The population is multi-cultural well-educated and tolerant with a large expat population (about 30% of the population of Basel are expats) of all ages coming from hundreds of different countries

Finding a place to stay in Germany is a priority for most expats And having a comfortable home in an area that's suited to their lifestyle will go a long way to easing the transition into their new surroundings Accommodation in Germany ranges from furnished apartments and maisonettes to trendy studio apartments cottages and large family homes

Oct 25 2018You may have to consider multiple elements such as near-by expat-friendly living facilities easy access to school bus routes convenience for commuting public parks in the neighborhood and so on PLAZA HOMES provide easy guidance on popular residence areas for expats

Aug 14 2020Other furniture stores include Habitat Furniture Village and Harveys as well as many independent and regional retailers For carpets Carpet Right is one of the leading retailers However many of the leading UK department stores sell home furnishings at competitive prices including John Lewis and Marks Spencer

In the past shopping took place in souks such as the vegetable souk or the spice souk While some of these charming traditional souks can still be found perhaps due to the intense heat in the UAE in the summer Dubai has developed some of the world's most glamorous and varied shopping malls Being tax free prices are often very competitive As a new arrival in the UAE you will probably

British expats can continue to live and work in Spain mostly under the same terms as before the agreement came into force on January 31 2020 Expats who are already living in Spain can continue to carry on under the same terms but from January 1 2021 the rules will change for new residents

British expats can continue to live and work in Spain mostly under the same terms as before the agreement came into force on January 31 2020 Expats who are already living in Spain can continue to carry on under the same terms but from January 1 2021 the rules will change for new residents

This guide to living in Amsterdam will introduce you to what you should expect when moving to this city with a cozy small-town atmosphere Here the lively city buzz and a myriad of things to do and see are balanced out by the calmness of green parks and picturesque streets that run alongside canals

Furniture in Hong Kong: Guide to the Best Furniture Stores

Mar 27 2020If you are shopping for furniture in Hong Kong and need a helping hand in finding the best furniture stores in Hong Kong for your needs then you're in the right place Here's a full guide to the top furniture shops in Hong Kong catering for all areas budgets and interior decorating tastes Whether you're after the perfect sofa antique lamp modern dining table or cute kids' bed

Our handy guide for expats includes information a new expatriate would-be expat or even local Singaporean might need to know We cover information about relocation home care moving procedures for both rental and purchase living staying and working in Singapore useful information for healthcare and international schools

The best way to approach furniture shopping in this fashion is to treat it as a day out One of the best is the East End Brick Lane Flea Market with allsorts on offer and a trendy urban vibe Portobello Road Market is perhaps London's best-known antique market and also the largest in the world

Expats in the Netherlands Holland is home to a large international community that includes expat employees diplomats international students university teaching staff and EU nationals who migrate to the Netherlands to find work Large cities like The Hague and Amsterdam are culturally diverse with over 50% of residents having a foreign background

Check out our Food section for a comprehensive guide to Singapore's supermarkets and delis and specialty stores for hard-to-find items or international products Furniture and Fixtures Balestier Road is home to a lot of lighting electrical and bathroom fixtures shops – particularly the stretch between Thomson Road and Moulmein Road

Coming to Japan to live will open you up to a host of new experiences that those who visit for only a short time will rarely encounter It also carries with it a large number of challenges These pages will help guide you through the steps involved in arranging visas finding housing work and schools and settling in to your new community

A complete guide for moving to Dubai is it good for WhatsApp? WhatsApp is to recruit in the UAE This is a complete guide for moving to Dubai for you! In the United Arab Emirates You can find employment groups also in Europe in Poland Special forums for new expatriates in

Jun 13 2020I love this country but there are many facets of life that can drive an expat crazy That's why many foreigners who come here only last a couple of years You can use this list of pros cons to help you determine if moving to The Philippines is the right decision or not The Pros Cons of living in The Philippines include: